About Us

Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness is the place where you can find all your Fitness & Wellness  solutions. Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness provides services of being Fit & Well Physically as well as Mentally at any age of your life. The services we include at the center are Physiotherapy for Physically Unwell Patients, Reiki Healing Therapy as an assistive therapy to problems related to physical body, anxiety, depression, relationship issues,anger issues,etc. For Total Fitness & wellness purpose Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness Center provides a Complete Fitness Package to maintain the required fitness level of an individual. As a result people can achieve their goals like Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Management, Muscle Building, Muscle Strengthening, Core Strengthening, Aerobic Conditioning, etc.       

Kaushalyam Fitness & wellness was found in November’ 2019 by Dr. Prashasti Patel & Dr. Akankshi Prajapati. The both founders of Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness are Professional Physical Therapists & certified fitness and yoga trainers. 

Dr. Prashasti Patel

A Physiotherapist, A Fitness & Yoga Trainer, A Reiki Master Healer

Dr. Akankshi Prajapati

A Physiotherapist, A Fitness & Yoga Trainer