Post Covid Rehabilitation

Wearing a mask, following social distancing, focusing on immunity, frequent sanitization – all these added to our routine since pandemic COVID-19 started to spread.

Everyone took precautionary measures for Corona attack. Still, more and more people get infected with the coronavirus. All health care professionals are working to cure infected ones all days and nights without complaining.

Cold, Fever, Throat pain, Headache, Skin rashes, Loss of Smell and Taste, Weakness are the symptoms of the coronavirus. Saturation of oxygen changes in the body according to the severity of the virus. Once the patient gets recovered from a virus infection, they do have some complaints later on like weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. Rehabilitation after Corona infection plays a major role to deal with Post-Corona complications.

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in Rehabilitation after Corona. Chest Expansion Exercises, Breathing Exercises, Light Strengthening Exercises helps to improve the condition progressively. Yoga and Pranayam are also the most important practice.